• Clips Beer & Film Festival in Asheville

    What are you up to Friday night? Interested in an outdoor film and beer event that's free to attend aaaand if you do buy a beer the proceeds will go to one of your favorite local NPOs? Well, then come on! Clips is New Belgium’s beer and film festival that provides a fun interactive way for us to give back to communities where we brew and sell our beer, beyond our grant program. FUNDRAISING and FUN - Asheville on Bikes is our Clips partner in Asheville. 100% of beer sales benefit local nonprofits working to improve communities nationwide. Clips has raised ...


  • August 2015: Asheville Brewery Update

    Hey there, come out and see us at CLIPS Beer & Film Festival on Friday night, September 4, which benefits Asheville on Bikes. Asheville GreenWorks is our sustainability partner, diverting waste from landfills and Gypsy Queen Cuisine, Avery's Hot Dogs and Belly Up Truck will be serving up good eats! We'll showcase a special Asheville film just for you! Asheville Liquid Center (tasting room) - opening Spring 2016 HAPPENING NOW Work continues on our Liquid Center. The roof is going on and walls are shaping the space. The radiant floors went in a couple months back. We’re grading the ...


  • Shuttle Truck Traffic Cut in Half on Haywood Rd.

    While Haywood Road is our approved truck route, we agree that it is not the preferred truck route and over the last 10 months, we’ve been working with partners to consider other routes. Once RADTIP* is complete, the infrastructure will be in place for the majority of our trucks to use Riverside Drive north. Until then, we’ve found a way to keep half of our shuttle trucks off of Haywood Road. “The community’s collective voice and willingness of neighborhood leaders and City staff to engage in this exploration is what enabled this solution,” says Jay Richardson, New Belgium ...


  • Build-a-Brewery: 1 million moving parts

    We’re about 75% done with the brewery building and will be brewing beer in Asheville by the end of 2015, opening in early 2016. So far in that process, we estimate there are approximately 1,245,675,001 moving parts and people necessary to build a 127,000 SF brewery and 6,000 SF Liquid Center in an 18 acre site…you know, give or take. Our contractor Adolfson & Peterson Construction knows each of those parts and people down to the detail. We met up with Jared Wheatley, Assistant Project Manager with A&P to hear about what keeps the brewery and Liquid Center (LC) on ...


  • Build-a-Brewery: Salvaged Materials, Memories of Place

    Rather than send materials to a landfill, we worked with Old Town Salvage Company and DH Griffin to salvage the old and perfectly reusable materials from the former WNC Livestock Market that was on our 91 Craven Street site in Asheville. What we didn’t salvage, we tried to recycle and we estimate about 97% landfill diversion rate. We plan to use about 60% of those materials as we finish out our brewery and Liquid Center – brewing by the end of 2015 and slated to open in early 2016. Built in the early 1950s on the west bank of the ...


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