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  • How to Pair Hops with Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means heaps of food washed down by pints of beer. Sure, you could just serve any old beer that’s in your fridge, but that really wouldn’t give your guests something to give thanks for would it? For the last installment of “How to pair New Belgium with Thanksgiving,” we’re taking a look at hops. Brewery analyst Matty Gilliland and Liquid Center manager Michael Bussmann point out some genius ways to incorporate New Belgium’s hoppier offerings into a Thanksgiving feast. OK, first things first: IPAs and imperial IPAs aren’t exactly the easiest styles to pair alongside a Thanksgiving meal. “They can be pretty overpowering,” says Gilliland. “Thanksgiving doesn’t really lend itself to that: It’s more of a savory meal ...

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  • Future of IPAs? Trending toward the tropics

    OK, first of all: I’ve never been to the future. I hit my head pretty badly once, but that sent me on a trip to Urgent Care, not tomorrow. Still, it doesn’t take a gifted futurist to see where IPA flavors are trending. Where? To the tropics. Until a few years ago, hop character in IPAs was predictably (deliciously) orange, grapefruit, grass and pine, courtesy of hops like Cascade, Centennial and Columbus. Classic. But new hop varieties—newly developed varieties through crossbreeding programs, and newly imported varieties from countries like Australia—are bringing an exotic twist to hoppy beers. Here at New Belgium, we dig the new look of hops, and are brewing up some pretty awesome beers to show off the exotic aromas and flavors. Embark ...

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  • Rampant IPA is coming! Rampant IPA is coming!

    Today is Friday, and in a couple days it will be Sunday, and then, right after Sunday- Monday. And Monday, March 4th is the official release date for Rampant Imperial IPA. The people have spoken, and what they have spoken for are hoppy beers. We have responded. While keeping a Belgian focus with beers like Abbey, Trippel, Fat Tire, 1554, etc, we have also started to heavily expand our hoppy offerings. First was Ranger IPA, then Shift with a hoppy lager, and now, Rampant Imperial IPA- 85 IBUs, 8.5% ABV. It's a big and bold beer ready for the most receptive of the hops receptors.  The hop profile heavily features Mosaic and Calypso, bringing stone fruit flavors to the front seat. We're talking peaches, apricots, things like that. Centennials are in there too, rounding out the aroma with ...

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