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  • Release notes: ‘Tis the season for Frambozen

    It snowed today in Fort Collins. Also noteworthy: Today’s the official release day of Frambozen, which rhymes with “frozen,” which is how I felt while walking outside the brewery in the snow. Coincidence? Maybe. Or…maybe not. When Frambozen hits shelves, two things are assured. One, winter’s settling in and, two, Thanksgiving, the most feast-friendly holiday, is just around the corner. So, naturally, I warmed up with a sample of the stuff, and then interviewed some folks here about their favorite New Belgium and Thanksgiving pairings. Heading back to my desk, I noticed the brewery’s Liquid Center had been transformed into a wintry wonderland. Things are getting festive real quick around here. Frambozen is right on time. If you haven’t tried Frambozen, this is ...

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  • Well, the world didn't end... Let's drink Frambozen!

    Let's be real for a minute. Deep down, in bowels of my heart/imagination (and maybe yours, too) I was looking forward to the apocalypse. I was thinking fire-y comets raining down, zombies (the old school, slow kind), and subsisting on expired canned food for the rest of our lives. We would be fighting for survival, reminiscing for those that met an unfortunate, un-dead type of conclusion, and enjoying the day-to-day grey color (like in The Road, or Portland). It was going to be pretty sweet. But, alas, the end of days was a no-go. But, I guess, the day's not over yet, it could still happen, maybe. But really, for now, let's assume it's not going to happen. And with that, we need to press ...

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