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  • Hop Stout packs big hoppy, malty punch

    It's been a banger year in our Hop Kitchen series, with Hop TartOatmeal IPA, and Super IPA flowing from taps, and now the final series release for 2015 is here: Hop Stout, one of the biggest, darkest, hoppiest beers we’ve brewed to date. One of the highlights of Hop Stout—besides the incredibly chewy eight-grain malt bill featuring the likes of chocolate malt, roasted barley, caramel malts, and oats—is the particular hop selection. Ever heard of Styrian Dana? “We did a single hop beer once with [Styrian Dana] and it was super funky,” says quality analyst Christian Holbrook. “We got some sharp garlic, green onion characteristics, but as the beer aged, it had this really citrus herbaceous character. One of the things we ...

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  • How hops affect these 5 New Belgium beers

    These days, hops are popularly associated with the aggressive, dominant profile they lend to IPAs and imperial IPAs (see Rampant, Ranger and Slow Ride), but what if I told you that they’re also capable of subtlety? It’s true: Hops can be a team player, too. Hops excel at elevating a beer with nuance, just as much as driving a palate wrecking IPA. So, let’s take a look at the different ways hops affect these five New Belgium beers:
    ENHANCE AROMA Le Terroir Dry-Hopped Sour Ale ABV: 7.5% IBU: 12 It’s amazing that a non-IPA beer with only 12 IBUs (international bittering units) can still smack you in the face with a big, juicy hop aroma. That’s because this sour ale is dry-hopped, a ...

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  • Pucker up for Hop Tart

    Great news! Our new hoppy American sour pale ale—appropriately named Hop Tart—is officially out, hitting taps at a bar near you. The latest beer in our draft-only Hop Kitchen series combines the stainless lacto souring process used in Snapshot, with a large helping of rad hops, including Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, and Experimental Hop 522. It’s tropical up front, with an assertive sour punch in the back, and clocks in at 5% ABV and 30 IBUs. If you like our other hoppy sours like Le Terroir and Ted's Beer, you're going to love Hop Tart. Lacto souring: What does it mean? The process is pretty science-y, so we put together some helpful videos to illustrate just how we developed Hop Tart. Hit play on the ...

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  • We’re brewing a Peach IPA with Hopworks Urban Brewery

    Now that’s one good-looking crew, and there’s a reason they look so happy. Conditioning in the tanks is really kick-ass beer: B-Side Organic Peach IPA. The beer, part of our Beers with Vrienden series, is a collaboration between New Belgium and our fellow bike enthusiast and B-Corp buddies Hopworks Urban Brewery from Portland. So, what’s the deal with the beer? B-Side Organic Peach IPA is, well, a certified organic India pale ale brewed with peaches, and based on the samples being poured from the tank, it’s insanely delicious. Amarillo hops and peaches burst with stone fruit, while a pleasant, drying bitterness finishes absolutely clean. Fruit IPA? Yes, please. If you live in the Portland area, keep an eye out for the beer, which should hit ...

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  • 7 hops that shape the New Belgium portfolio

    * cracks open an IPA * Hops! You love ‘em, we love ‘em, so let’s talk about ‘em, eh?  Here at New Belgium, we use all kinds of hops to color everything from our IPA offerings like Rampant, Ranger and our Hop Kitchen series to Old World styles like Abbey and Trippel. So what hops are we playing with at the moment? I hung out in our pilot brewery to get the scoop on some of the most popular (and soon-to-be popular) varieties that help shape the New Belgium portfolio.

    Let’s talk traditional

    The India Pale Ale isn’t the only style that gets a dose of hops Saaz: Pilot brewers Cody and Ross told me that this Old World Bohemian hop variety is what delivers ...

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  • Say hello to our newest brew: India Paw Ale

    Beer — it's a social beverage best enjoyed with friends. Sometimes, though, our human friends kind of suck; they aren't the best listeners, like to talk about themselves and make weird faces when you ask them to sit on your lap. That, my pals, is a problem. Here at New Belgium we like to solve problems, and we decided to face this one with the might of our brewing department. The result? A beer that you can FINALLY share with your best friend. That's right, we're talking about India Paw Ale.  Specially designed for the four-legged friend in your life, India Paw Ale features 47 different hop varieties including Catscade, Pantcifica, Alpha Dog, Fetch Gold, Mount Woofier, Goldings Retriever and Sorachi Chase. The 197 IBUs ...

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  • Oatmeal IPA on tap near you

    A cushion, buffer, or a pillow—however you describe it, a spoonful of oats helps the hops go down. For newest Hop Kitchen Series release, we’ve brewed the silky-smooth, ultra-tropical Oatmeal IPA, a collaboration with our Chicago friends at Half Acre Beer Co. Over the last two years, our Hop Kitchen Series has been a springboard for launching new adventures in hops. We’ve introduced the delicate French Aramis hop variety to our fans, traveled down the road of hybrids with a Hoppy Bock, and trekked around the world with last year’s globally flavored Hop the Pond. A few times, we’ve even invited friends along for the adventure: We’ve teamed up with neighbors Odell Brewing for FOCOllaboration APA, and San Diego’s Alpine for multiple rounds of ...

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  • Inside Look: Our secret Slow Ride dry-hopping process

    Long before Slow Ride Session IPA (aka Session IPA in Texas*) landed on shelves, it began as a concept. Not a “hey, let’s brew any old session IPA” concept, but more of a “hey, let’s brew the most exotic, tropical session IPA we’ve ever tasted.” When the brewers here at New Belgium formulate a beer recipe, the process often begins with a flavor map. That is, brewers sit down to discuss desirable flavors and aromas they’d like to spotlight in the finished product (like, how a chef forecasts which flavor combinations would be ideal for a new dish). The brewers mapped out the specific notes they wanted to see in Slow Ride—with a heavy nod to the tropics—and then selected hops best suited to create ...

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  • Release notes: Slow Ride Session IPA rolls into town

    Time seems to pass way too quickly these days. I mean, it’s already 2015. We’re just as close to 2030 as we are to 2000. Weird, right? Here at the brewery, we don’t really stop to smell the roses, because that involves stopping, and stopping means we’re not making beer. Instead, we like to slow things down…real slow. In that spirit, let me introduce you to our new year-round beer, Slow Ride Session IPA.
    If you’ve been to one of our Tour de Fat events, you probably get the story behind the beer’s name. The slow ride competition, a regular feature at the festival, challenges fans to ride as slow as possible to the finish line—savor each moment of cosmic balance, so to ...

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  • Release notes: Super IPA returns!

    Superheroes are pretty rad, but half the time they’re disguised as mild-mannered regular folk, proving superheroes aren’t into being super 24/7. Super IPA, on the other hand, doesn’t hide behind anything: It’s super all the time. Right now, as boozy, malty seasonal beers take over the taps, our Super IPA returns as both the hero we want and deserve. It’s bold, daring and poised to strike at any moment. So, what exactly makes Super IPA so super? Well, it didn’t get the name by being a regular old IPA. Here are some facts I’ve pieced together about the fearless IPA, bound to descend on a tap lineup near you at any moment:
    • Super IPA’s main weapon is what some call “the palate wrecker,” a ...

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